December 20, 2013

All I want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey ( Lyrics )

December 9, 2013


Merry Christmas !


November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Day

Next Thursday 28th is Thanksgiving 

Thanksgiving is a traditional festival in the United States and Canada.
In the United States it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, whereas in Canada it is celebrated on the second Monday of October.

Would you like to know more about this festival ? 
Go to festivals and there you'll find some videos to learn about it.


November 25, 2013

Autumn in Pre -Primary

Our 5- year- old students made a beautiful Autumn Dominoes which they gave to their youngest mates as a present.
They also sang an Autumn song : “ All the leaves are falling down”.  They did it wonderfully. 

This is the song:

All the leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down  
All the leaves are falling down, yellow, red and brown
We´ll rake them in a big big pile, big big pile, big big pile
We´ll rake them in a big big pile, and let´s all jump in
Jump into the pile of leaves, pile of leaves, pile of leaves
Jump into the pile of leaves, 1 2 3!!

Here there are some photographs .

November 6, 2013

Lets's talk !

What do you know about The United Kingdom  or The United States of America ? 
Is there anything that catches your attention for being different ?
Which monuments or well-known people do you know ?  
Our 4th Primary pupils talked about some of the most important ones.

Let's have a look at their works !


Do you know any other monument or famous person in these countries ?

In 5th Primary they worked in groups and chose different places, monuments or well known people from these countries to talk about. We have learnt about The statue of Liberty, The White House, Barack Obama, Elizabeth II, ... culture !.

Where is the Statue of Liberty ? What do you know about it ?
Who lives in the White House ?
Do you know who Elizabeth II is ?
Tell us about any other place, monument or  people you know. 

In 6th Primary they talked about some English spoken countries such as UK , USA and even Dubai. They talked about George Washington, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Elizabeth II, The Beatles and Alexander Graham Bell. We learnt about lots of monuments and important buildings, flags, rivers, canyons and waterfalls.

Our pupils worked  quite hard and  learnt lots of things about these countries.

You can see their works here.

Do you know these countries ? 
Have you ever been to UK or USA ?
What do you think about their way of living ?
Would you like to live there ?    Why ? Why not ?

November 4, 2013

Guy Fawkes' Day



Watch this video and learn everything about this important festival in The United Kingdom.



October 29, 2013


Halloween is coming next 31st October ! 

Watch this video and learn this funny song about skeletons and bones.



Do you like Halloween ? 

What do you know about this festival ?

Are you going to celebrate it ?  

If so, how are you going to celebrate it ?

Write your comments on the blog !

October 20, 2013

A little bit of history

Our Primary pupils have been learning about the English culture.
In the first and second cycle they drew the most famous monuments in England.
Here you can see some of their drawings.



October 5, 2013


Is it your birthday ? 

Click on the picture and have a nice birthday party!!



October 2, 2013

School Canteen Menu

What's on the menu today ?

Choose the foods you like and make your own menu!

Lentejas lentils
Tortilla española Spanish omelette
Ensalada Salad
Flan de vainilla vanilla pudding

Crema de espinacas Spinach cream
Albóndigas con tomate Meatballs with tomato
Patata rehogada braised potato
Fruta fruit

Sopa de cuscús Couscous Soup
Merluza empanada hake pie
Verduras y patatas Vegetables and potatoes
Yogurt  yoghurt

Sopa de pasta Pasta Soup
San Jacobo St. James
Verduras rehogadas sautéed vegetables
Fruta fruit

Garbanzos con acelgas Chickpeas with chard

Merluza a la romana Hake Roman
Ensalada salad

Yogurt  Yoghurt

Croquetas croquettes

Ternera Asada con verduras Roast Beef with Vegetables
Fruta fruit

Sopa de estrellitas Soup starlets
Hamburguesa burger Potatoes and vegetables
Actimel Actimel

Caldo Gallego Gallician broth
Bacalao cod
Arroz rice

Fruta Fruit

Spagheti con tomate y queso Spaghetti with tomato and cheese
Pescado empanado breaded fish
Ensalada salad
Fruta fruit

Caldo de verduras Vegetable stock
Lomo adobado a la plancha Grilled marinated tenderloin
Arroz tres delicias Fried rice
Natillas custard

Crema de zanahoria Cream of Carrot
Pollo al chilindrón Chicken stew
Patatas y verduras Potatoes and vegetables
Fruta fruit

Coliflor con ajada Cauliflower with worn

Guiso de carne Beefy
Yogurt  Yoghurt

Fabada fabada
Escalopines de salmón Salmon fillets
Verduras y patatas Vegetables and potatoes
Fruta fruit

Crema de espinacas Spinach cream
Milanesa Milan
Patatas y verduras Potatoes and vegetables
Fruta fruit

Judías con chorizo Beans with Chorizo
Bacalao cod
Patata guisada potato stew
Fruta fruit

Crema de verduras Vegetable soup
Albóndigas con tomate Meatballs with tomato
Arroz rice

Actimel  Actimel

Spaghetti con atún Spaghetti with tuna
Pollo empanado breaded chicken
Ensalada salad
Melocotón en almíbar Peaches in syrup

September 30, 2013



Click on the photos in order to see the pictures and learn these prayers.



September 29, 2013

Cambridge Young Learners English Tests

Congratulations to all our pupils who got their Award on the Cambridge Tests that took place in our school last June.

From this blog, we encourage you to go on learning and improving your English.

You can see your photos on the Educational Platform- INTRANET - FAMILIAS- GALERÍA DE IMÁGENES - PRINCIPIO DE CURSO. 

Welcome !

SHOOL YEAR 2013 - 2014



June 21, 2013

English Level Test

Would you like to improve your English and your computer skills at the same time ? 
That's what our Primary pupils ( grade 3 to 6 ) did last week. They went to the computer room in order to test their English. 
It was a hard work, but at the end, mostly everybody was highly satisfied. 

June 20, 2013

Let's start !

Our first Level Test has already finished ! 

We were quite nervous and excited, but all the teachers tried to make us feel confident about our English knowledge.

At the end, we were happy and tired ... but our effort has been worthy.

Here you can see our faces waiting for the test to start. 

June 18, 2013

Cambridge Exams

Los exámenes de Cambridge tendrán lugar en nuestro colegio el próximo jueves 20 de junio. Los 
alumnos deberán ser muy puntuales, ya que las primeras pruebas empezarán a las 09.30 h., con el siguiente

Flyers: 0930 - 1100 ( Listening - Reading/Writing - Speaking )

Movers 0930 - 1130 ( Speaking - Listening - Reading/Writing )

Starters 1000 - 1200 ( Listening - Reading/Writing - Speaking )

Los candidatos deben llevar lápiz, goma, afila, bolígrafo y ceras de los siguientes colores:negro, azul, 
marrón, verde, gris,naranja, rosa, morado, rojo y amarillo. No se permiten diccionarios ni otro material de
estudio. Es importante que los candidatos comprueben que sus materiales estén afilados para evitar pérdidas 
de tiempo innecesarias.

Os recordamos la duración de cada una de las pruebas:

                                               STARTERS                              MOVERS                            FLYERS

Reading / Writing              20 min.                                            30 min.                               40 min.

Listening                              20 min. aprox.                              25 min. aprox.                     25 min. aprox.

Speaking                               3 - 5 min.                                          5 - 7 min.                          7 - 9 min.

Los profesores encargados de estas pruebas estaremos con los candidatos para apoyarles, motivarles y acompañarles en todo momento, aunque la organización de Cambridge ESOL tiene sus propios examinadores y vigilantes durante la realización de las distintas pruebas.

Los resultados de las pruebas llegarán a nuestro colegio en septiembre.