March 28, 2017

Just for fun !

March 16, 2017


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Every March 17th is a public holiday in Ireland ( the Emerald Island ). It announces the coming of 


The island remembers St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

People wear a shamrock ( official flower of the country ) or a bit of green ribbon with a golden harp   

( Irish symbol ).

Shamrocks are sold on the preceeding days and sent along with greeting cards to friends and family 

abroad, because there are many Irish far from their country. This day is celebrated with parades, 

dances and parties all over the world.

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However, the most fun celebration seems to 

be in Chicago, where they pour 40lbs. 

of environmentally-friendly dye into the

Chicago River, turning the sparkling blue water 

into an emerald green for a few  hours.


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According to Irish mythology, leprenhauns ( small fairies 

that know the location of a pot of gold ) will pinch your legs 

if you don't wear something green.

Watch this video to see how they celebrate Saint Patrick's Day !

March 8, 2017

International Women's Day

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International Women's Day is a holiday that honours women and promotes women's rights.

It takes place every year on March 8th.

This day dates back 1911, when lots of women were fighting for their right to vote.

Watch this video to remember some outstanding women.