January 30, 2015

Peace work in Primary 2nd

As poetry is a good way of learning languages, our pupils in Primary 2nd learnt a poem talking about Peace, differences and respect.

Here you can see some of them.

Listen to them singing I've got Peace in my fingers.

And finally, listen to their answers about the question: What does Peace mean for you ?


During the week after Christmas, the three courses of 3 ESO have been preparing a work in groups that we would like to share with everyone.

They had to find information about different monuments located either in England or the US and explain part of the history and characteristics of the landmarks chosen to the rest of the class.

Some of them used cardboards with pictures, while others preferred to use their oral skills to attract the attention of their classmates.

This fun activity helped them strengthen their relationships as they formed part of a team, and it was a good way to introduce a little bit of cultural aspects combined with English grammar and oral speaking capacities, so they could improve their fluency.

Here are some pictures!

January 26, 2015

Peace Day, January 30th

Let's celebrate this day as a family, because it's in the family where Peace starts.


Go to Festivals and you'll find there some nice videos about this day of Peace and Non-Violence. 

Enjoy them !!